It was a day we didn't really see coming, it kinda just happened. Rasta joined the Instagram vortex. And what an insight it has been! From body surfing, carving canoes from trees, surfing 16' boards to relaxing with his girl. We caught up Rasta and asked him to give us a little break down on his take on the social media landscape.


“It is cause for celebration and positive sharing when any of us have the opportunity to live outside of 'clock time'. When I think about all the loosest, fun, quirky and crazy times of my life they have all been outside the idea of living a 'nine to five' life, and have all been experiences that are contagious and naturally worth sharing. I guess sharing daily quirks from this wild space in time, via our little tech devices, is kinda the same as having a conversation.... The one trap I see with having phones in our pockets is that we spend even more time staring at square shaped versions of life. Rather than staring at and engaging in the ORIGINAL and far from square reality of the trip that it is to be human in this tweaked out technical era.''


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