Road trippin down North from S stopnik on Vimeo.

Skateboarding, junk food, farts, motorcycle swap meets, tweaker skateparks, cheap motels, wheeling 'n dealing, and suntans was what this road trip was all about.

We headed up HWY 5 stopping at Santa Clarita skatepark at 8:45 am it was already a cool 97 degrees. Sweating to the oldies, we left there with a bucket of poppeys chicken and headed to the 46th annual vintage and antique motorcycle swapmeet and bike show.

Getting there the day before the actual swapmeet is a must if you want to find a couple good deals, and or buy some stuff to sell the next day... It was a great swap, show and good times.

We left that and headed to Sacramento, stopping at a couple parks along the way. Madera skatepark is always a great place to meet people who have spent more time smoking meth than skateboarding, but the park is bad ass anyhow. Lots of tranny's in the parking lot and in the skatepark. A nice 99 degrees wasn't keeping the stoke level hi, so we headed straight to sacramento for the Norcal swapmeet that usually has a few chopper goodies at a reasonable price.

5:15 in the morning and your climbing in the back of some old guys truck pulling out parts and making that next bike come to life one part at a time. Cool seeing alot of friend that we haven't seen in awhile.

We ended up coming home with a van packed full of bike parts and good memories. -Scotty Stopnik