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Goggle Technology
frame schematics

Based on a function first design principle, Electric’s goggle program has been engineered for enhanced performance and superior fit and comfort. Snow googles are an essential piece in an athlete’s performance tool kit. Beyond the basic benefit of added protection, a goggle can boost visibility and all around effect a rider’s experience on the mountain.

frame diagram
triple layer face foam

Moisture wicking, hypo-allergenic polar fleece lined, multi layered face foam enhances fit, comfort and performance.

thermoplastic urethane

Highly flexible scratch resistant material allows for maximum shape retention during extremely low temperatures and varying weather conditions.

frame ventilation

Engineered for maximum airflow, vent positioning and frame density keep hot air circulating up and out slowly, reducing eye watering and lens fogging.

frame and nose slits

Strategically positioned slits allow for maximum frame flexibility and improved fit and comfort.

duel lens

Climate-controlled environment created between the interior sealed space and exterior thermal barrier, prevents fogging in varying weather conditions.

lens schematics

Electric's optics program combines the finest raw materials with innovative manufacturing techniques. Electric lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and include an exterior anti-scratch hard coating and interior anti-fog coating.

frame diagram
inner lens

Strategically placed directional valves relieve high altitude optical distortion created by high-pressure build-up between the inner and outer lens.

anti fog

Hydro-phobic coating absorbs moisture before fog can form on the inner lens. Oversized EG2 and EG2.5 lenses have been treated with a super anti-fog coating.

ar coating

Prevents light from reflecting off the back surface of the lens into the rider’s eyes, improving eye comfort and visibility.

hard coating

Applied to the outer lens, the hard coating creates a proper seal against the elements and protects against lens scratching.

lens ventilation

Strategically placed vents create a climate-controlled environment. Increased airflow reduces fogging and condensation build-up on the inner lens.

avaibale in super anti fog and ar coating

The lens treatments in the EG2 and EG2.5 have an additional layer of defense against unwanted reflection and fogging, resulting in Electric's most premium lens available.

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eye black header

Exclusive light-absorbing treatment mimics athletic face eye black function and knocks down unwanted reflecting light resulting in improved eye comfort.

eye black
eye black diagram
available in eye black
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