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Style Number: EW001002
Color 18 colors
Style Number: EW001002

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  • Review by Declan (USA)

    October 27, 2013

    Received on Friday, Very comfortable, easy to read. I will be getting the Diver. The Nato band Will break in nicely. Easy to set. I mention that as having had watches that you need a PHD to set.

    Thank you.


    Returning customer

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  • Review by MoBro (USA)

    November 17, 2013

    Cool styling. No lumes though, so the military time is null since you cant read the dial after sundown!

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  • Review by Mark (USA)

    December 5, 2014

    Regretting buying the "All black" instead of the black/silver, since the hour and minute hands are nearly impossible to see except in bright sunlight. Once the sun goes down, forget about seeing the hands at all, except the second hand (which is red).

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  • Review by Nichoas (USA)

    October 8, 2015

    The watch and dial part is wonderful the only problem I have is the watch after spending almost 200 dollars on a watch I expected the watch to give me close to zero problems but the strap and the way you glue the black piece on it doesn't hold it falls off. I'm on my second watch I had the first one replaced so I was hoping when I got it back the problem would be fixed but nope I got a new watch with the same problem and this is a persistent problem that I hope gets fixed!!!

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  • Review by Matt (USA)

    January 8, 2016

    Love the watch. Super comfortable and easy to set. I've had watches that come with rubber bands that dry rot. This one will break in well I feel. Super simple to set.

    I would have given it 4 stars overall however my experience with customer service made all the difference in the world.

    The watch comes with a plastic clip between the thing that lets you set it to preserve the battery while in the box. As i first put it on, and tried to set it, the entire mechanism came out. I immediately emailed customer service and was responded to within minutes requesting to mail it back in.
    Since I just got it today and needed it for a trip where I won't have any other way to tell time, I asked if they would ship me a new one and I send this one back to expedite the process. I even offered to give my credit card incase they didn't receive a watch in return.
    The gentlemen in customer service has a new watch on the way within a few minutes that will arrive in a week. I cannot tell you how perfectly that went.

    A+++ 100 to the customer service. I have had Nixon and Rip curl watches prior however, the timely response and willingness to appease was bar non with Electric.

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  • Review by phil (USA)

    January 29, 2016

    First of all, I love the watch! I own two electric watches and they're both equally incredible.

    But the thing that impressed me the most about my experience with electric, was the quality of the customer service I got when the glass cover on my NATO broke.

    I first tried getting it fixed locally, but no one was able to repair it. Then I called, Joel Harris in customer service and told him about what happened. Joel was extremely understanding and attentive to the problem. He was very prompt in responding to my emails and didn't make me jump through any hoops to get the watch fixed. Now, I wear the watch everyday and love it.

    Thanks again, Joel. I was already a big fan of the product, but because of the customer service I got when my watch broke, made me want to tell my friends and family about what a great company electric is.

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  • Review by Ian (USA)

    August 26, 2016

    The battery died on my FW01 and I was super bummed because I seriously wear this watch every day. So i called Phong Nguyen who is the customer service and warranty rep. Not only did he replace the battery but he also replaced my worn out Nato band with a brand new one! Before I knew it less than a week after sending it in it came back looking like a new watch. Super stoked on what Phong did for me and glad to have my favorite watch back. Whenever you need help, contact Phong. He's the man!
    Thanks Phong!!

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  • Review by Erick (USA)

    April 18, 2017

    So I bought the Black / Bronze FW01 NATO and have been very happy with it. I wore this watch for a little over a year, at which time, it showed a decent amount of wear and the battery died. Specifically, the strap's strip of plastic protection had come off, the matte black face border was very worn and scratched and the bronze accents were also rubbing down to their metal's natural silver color.

    Though I thought that all this wear happened a bit quickly for this watch, including the battery dying, I am giving this 5 stars because of the service I was given when I emailed Electric about getting a new battery.

    Phong Nguyen seems to be the customer service rep and he immediately apologized, told me to send him the watch, and mailed me a brand new one immediately. Even though we are on opposite coasts, I was wearing a new FW01 NATO in a week of mailing out my old one -- no questions asked. Thank you, Phong, you restored my faith in Electric watches.

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A Closer Look

A daily driver for the geographically curious. A modern take on a classic field watch. Details and textures that reflect innovations found in today’s best outdoor equipment, tactical accessories and custom vehicle styling.
  • MOVEMENT: 3 hand Japanese quartz with date. Custom brass hands with branded second hand.
  • CASE: 40mm surgical stainless steel. Protective raised bezel. Domed mineral crystal, anatomically positioned pull crown. Water resistant up to 20ATM / 200 meters / 600 ft.
  • BAND: 20mm polyester nato style band with custom hardware.
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The movement is the brain of the watch. It is the mechanical entity that keeps accurate time. A movement should be evaluated by the functions it provides, how it provides those functions, and the quality of manufacturing. Electric utilizes the most accurate and most durable Japanese and Swiss analog movements on the market. In digital watches the brain is called a module and can be programmed for a wide range of functions.


Analog movements use rotating hands on a dial with numbers and/or other markers to display the time and other information. Quartz movements use the vibrations of a tiny quartz crystal powered by a battery to maintain timing precision and are known for being extremely accurate and low maintenance.


Displays the most basic information in - hours, minutes, seconds, and date. Driven by an analog quartz movement. Featured in the FW01 and FW03.


3 hand Japanese quartz, hours, minutes, seconds and date. Custom brass hands with branded second hand.
TYPE OF QUARTZ: tuning fork type quartz crystal
FREQUENCY: 32,768hz
ACCURACY: ±20 second / month worn under normal circumstances.
BATTERY: silver oxide sr626sw battery or equivalent
DRIVING SYSTEM: two-pole stepping motor / no jewels
FUNCTION: date calendar, powercell saving reset mechanism (psrm) overloading comprehension device (olcd) digital frequency control (dfc) for time adjustment.


A chronograph movement provides stopwatch function measuring intervals of time. Sub dials measure partial seconds, seconds, minutes, hours, and/or 24 hour time. A chronograph has an independent sweep second hand on the main dial; it can be started, stopped, and returned to zero by successive pressure on pushers. We proudly use industry leading Miyota chronograph movement. FW02, DW02, and DW01 models utilize Japense Miyota movement.

MIYOTA 6S20 MOVEMENT(FW02, DW02, and DW01)

6 hand Japanese quartz chronograph, hours, minutes, seconds, date, chrono minute, chrono second, chrono 1/20th second. Custom brass hands.
TYPE OF QUARTZ: tuning fork type quartz crystal
FREQUENCY: 32,768hz
ACCURACY: ±20 second / month worn under normal circumstances.
BATTERY: silver oxide sr927w battery or equivalent
DRIVING SYSTEM: two-pole stepping motor / no jewels
FUNCTION: 4 beats center second hand, date calendar, powercell saving reset mechanism (psrm) overloading comprehension device (olcd) digital frequency control (dfc) for time adjustment.

DIGITAL (ED01 and ED01-T)

Digital watches have a brain called a module and can be programmed for a wide range of functions. The time and information is displayed in number format on a LCD screen. Most common features are time, calendar, stopwatch, timer and light functions - found in the ED01. More complex features can include tide cycle and moonphase data - found in the ED01-T.



Surgical stainless steel prevents specific forms of corrosion. It is also known as marine grade stainless steel due to its increased resistance to chloride corrosion compared to type 304. 316 is often used for building nuclear reprocessing plants. It is generally used in stainless steel watches and marine applications, as well as exclusively in the fabrication of reactor pressure vessels for boiling water reactors, due to its high resistance to corrosion. 316 SS allows for precision machining and is used in electric’s cases, crowns, pushers, case backs and band hardware.



Grade 304 is the standard “18/8” stainless; it is the most versatile and most widely used stainless steel, available in a wider range of products, forms and finishes than any other. It has excellent forming and welding characteristics. Electric uses 304 SS in our stainless steel bands.



Polyurethanes are used in the manufacture of flexible, high-resilience foam seating; rigid foam insulation panels; micro-cellular foam seals and gaskets; durable elastomeric wheels and tires (such as roller coaster wheels); automotive suspension bushings; electrical potting compounds; high performance adhesives; surface coatings and surface sealants; synthetic fibers (e.g., spandex); carpet underlay; hard-plastic parts (e.g., for electronic instruments); hoses and skateboard wheels. Fully reacted polyurethane is chemically inert. PU is highly moldable and desirable for watch bands due to its natural flexibility and soft feel against the skin. Unlike woven fabric bands or natural leather bands, PU is non-porous and quick drying, ideal for uses in and around water.



Pvd is the process in which we “color” metal. It is a way of bonding metal creating a coating that protects and adds durability but is not scratch proof. Electric uses titanium carbide (tic) or titanium nitride (tin) to achieve a range of color coatings including: black, gold, copper, grey, or blue.



An extremely hard (MOHS 9-9.5) refractory ceramic material, similar to tungsten carbide. It is commercially used in tool bits. Titanium carbide is also used as a surface coating on some watches to increase hardness and change the surface color. Electric uses titanium carbide in its PVD coating process for all black coatings, mainly seen on the bezel.


Electric offers a limited lifetime warranty on all watch movements and cases. There is a limited warranty on workmanship and materials for a period of (5) years after original purchase from an authorized Electric dealer. The limited warranty on battery life is (2) years from date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on, watch crystal, watch case, or abrasions to the strap or bracelet. Electric’s warranty does not cover internal or external damage caused by abuse or mishandling.

If Electric products are proven defective, Electric will replace them at no cost to you. If products are not considered defective, Electric will repair your product at a reasonable charge with your authorization. This warranty applies only to Electric watches purchased from authorized Electric dealers and is valid for the original purchaser only.





















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