Skateboarding means everything to me. It is my life and my freedom.

- Justin Bishop


Justin Bishop

Justin Bishop is a 32 year old skateboarder from Las Vegas, Nevada. He lost his vision ten years ago due to a disorder called retinitis pigmentosa, but refused to give up on his greatest passion: skateboarding. He is now changing the perception of what is possible for the visually impaired active communities.

Justin is one of the only skateboarders in the world to skate in sunglasses. Electric’s goal is to empower Justin to chase his dream and protect his eyes every day with #stylethatperforms.

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Help One Help Many

Justin was recruited by Zappos and Not Impossible Labs to help develop and refine the first audio prototype for visually impaired skateboarders.

Following Not Impossible’s mantra of “Help one, Help Many,” Justin became the “One” to interact with the Acoustical Phased Array speaker. This unique technology allows Justin to mentally map out a skatepark or new skate spot without the use of his sight.

Justin's Favorites

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Zombie Sport
Gloss Black
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The Zombie Sport frame is sentimental because it is the first pair Eric gave me, on stage in front of 2,000 people when he asked me to be a part of the Electric family.

- Justin

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Progressive Partnership

Electric is proud to partner with Not Impossible Labs and Zappos Adaptive to innovate and elevate the lifestyles of people with unique circumstances and needs. Engaging, developing, and supporting athletes like Justin Bishop inspires Electric to continue to push design and function as an inclusive global eyewear leader.

Justin stands facing the camera in an iconic black and white style portrait photo holding his skateboard and ID cane.
A powerful side profile headshot of Justin wearing the matte black Zombie Sport sunglass frame and showing his tattoo that symbolizing that he is visually impaired.

Honestly, I don’t think about the future. When you have vision loss, you are more focused on the next step in front of you. My next step is to push blind skateboarding as far as it can go.

- Justin

Photo from Justin's Instagram: Abbie, Carol, Justin, and Eric stand in front of a Not Impossible Awards, Avnet, and BlueCross BlueShield backdrop for an event in LA.
Photo from Justin's Instagram: Saeed laying on the ground taking a photo of Justin doing a melon on the side of a ditch.
Photo from Justin's Instagram: Justin wearing Electric Rodeo sunglasses, a grey electric t-shirt, resting his head on a skateboard, with a silver boombox in the background sporting an electric sticker on the speaker.
Photo from Justin's Instagram: Justin sitting on the ground, leaning against a brick wall, with one foot on the tail of his skateboard showing the bottom with Element, Electric Sunglasses and Zappos logos.
Photo from Justin's Instagram: Justin‘s back to the camera facing a wall in a speakeasy that says blind pig.
Photo from Justin's Instagram: Johnny, Myles, Justin, and Camp stand in front of a hand rail.
Photo from Justin's Instagram: Justin leaning on a bar, while talking on the phone. He is wearing Electric Sunglasses and Two Blind Brothers polo, looking hot as F.
Photo from Justin's Instagram: Holding his ID cane and a skateboard, Justin stands in front of an Airstream trailer.