The Kings

The King Family in an old car
Surfers, skaters, musicians, global nomads, Kyuss and Rasmus King ooze talent and have an incredible sense of style and self.


Kyuss King in Anderson Sunglasses


Eva and Justin King might just be the coolest parents on the planet. These former models met on the northern beaches of Sydney fell in love and the rest is history. Their focus is on raising Kyuss and Rasmus in their image with an emphasis on adventure, healthy living, loud music, rock ‘n roll, chasing dreams, and creativity.


Kyuss King in Anderson sunglasses leaning on his car



Often found in far-reaching corners of the world, Kyuss and Rasmus have been seeking adventure since, well, forever and fill their days surfing, skateboarding, and hunting for vintage records.



Byron Bay is where the Kings call home. According to Justin, “Byron is a magic town surrounded by world-class waves. When we first started coming here there were no crowds and the town was alive with buskers, street performers, health food, hippies, and yoga. Byron is a magic place in the Rainbow Region.”

The King Family in their car