Bluelight-Blocking Melanin Infused Lenses

Lens Materials

Bayer Makrolon® raw Polycarbonate

These lenses are lightweight, impact resistant, with glass-like optical quality. They block 98% HEV blue light and provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Available in: All Everyday and Performance Sunglasses

Carl Zeiss CR-39

These industry leading lenses are a balance between glass and polycarbonate. They feature high optical quality and material pureness.

Available in: All Fashion (Acetate and Wire) Sunglasses

Mineral Glass

These lenses offer superior optical clarity, are the most scratch-resistant and have been manufactured as lightweight as possible. 

Available in: Select Men's Everyday Sunglasses

Melanin-Infused Polarized Lenses

Polarization Levels

LEVEL 1: Polarized

Electric polarized lenses block 99.9% of debilitating glare from the water’s surface. HEV blue light is reduced by 98% plus you get 100% UV protection, superior color contrast haze-free vision and reduced eye fatigue with the benefits of polarized.

LEVEL 2: Polarized Pro

All the goodness of polarized with the added benefits of hydrophobic coating, oleophobic coating, flash-mirror coating and anti-reflective coating.

LEVEL 3: Polarized Mineral Glass

The hand-polished Italian mineral glass is lightweight, scratch-resistant and has an anti-reflective coating to reduce reflections off the back of the lens for increased visual contrast.

Lens Coatings

Hard Coating

A double-sided coating that reduces minor scratching.

Offered in: All Sunglasses

Hydrophobic Coating

Repels condensation and fights against water and sweat.

Offered in: Performance Sunglasses

Mirror Coating

Cosmetic treatment applied to the exterior of the lens.

Offered in: Performance Sunglasses

Oleophobic Coating

A double-sided coating that repels oil and dust so that smudges clean off easily.

Offered in: Performance Sunglasses

Anti-Reflective COATING

Reduces reflections off the back surface of the lens which increases contrast.

Offered in: Performance Sunglasses

Anti-Fog Coating

Reduces fogging on the inside of lens in cold climates.

Offered in: Winter Lenses

Frame Technology



Lightweight and flexible, our featherweight Grilamid® injected frames are impact resistant and maintain high flexibility.

Mazzucchelli™ Acetate

Acetate is known to be durable, flexible and is available in a wide variety of rich colors and patterns.


Wire frames utilize surgical grade stainless steel, meaning they are non-corrosive, hypoallergenic, lightweight and durable.

Sport Line


4 Base Curve

Typically found in fashion, lifestyle and optical frames, 4 base is our flattest lens offering.

6 Base Curve

With just a slight curve, the 6 base offers great coverage for active lifestyles and fashion frames alike. 

8 Base

Ideal for higher activity uses the 8 base hugs the curves of your face for an optimal fit.