SNOW 23_24

Goggle Technology

We engineer each goggle in our line with performance and comfort in mind; functionality is the backbone of our snow program. Proprietary construction techniques, quality materials, and our team of best-in-class athletes inform our technical design strategy.


Each lens and the visible light it transmits are specifically suited for unique light conditions. Understand which coloration profiles are best for a variety of diverse conditions using our lens guide below.

Tuned technology

Performance Goggles

By blocking distracting light and enhancing specific colors, we can specifically tune each lens for a unique light condition that will make it easier for you to see obstacles, ice patches, low spots, and any other changes in the terrain around you.
Get Tuned In.

Available in Pike, Roteck, Kleveland II, EG2-T, & EG2-T Small.

Performance Technology

Tuned Lens Tech

Engineered premium lens system that employs light spectrum manipulation to block distracting light and enhance specific colors for maximum contrast, comfort, and clarity.

Volt Signature Silicone Printed Strap

Custom-printed silicon on the inside of every strap. This thin layer allows goggles to securely stay put on your head or helmet without causing excess friction.

Traction Face Foam

Contour molded triple-layer face foam that provides increased comfort, breathability, and an enhanced fit (Kleveland II, Roteck, Pike).

Electroweave Venting

Technical woven upper vent fabric that increases durability and enhances airflow (Roteck, Pike).

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New Frame
Planetary / Coyote Purple
Regular price $160.00 Sale price $96.00
Magnetic Lens
Kleveland II with Bonus Lens
Kleveland II with Bonus Lens
Stealth Black Neuron / Onyx
Tuned Lens Technology
Planetary / Atomic Ice
Regular price $160.00 Sale price $96.00
Bonus Lens
EG2-T with Bonus Lens
EG2-T with Bonus Lens
Future Camo / Auburn Red
Regular price $200.00 Sale price $120.00

Everyday Technology

Anti-Fog Coating

True defense against fog is our coating on top of our standard hydrophobic anti-fog treatment that absorbs moisture before it can distort your vision.

Triple Layer Face Foam

Overlooked by many (but not us), face foam is essential to properly fitting goggles. Our multi-layered face foam provides increased comfort and a tight seal. It has moisture-wicking properties and is lined in hypoallergenic polar fleece.

Frame Ventilation

Maximum airflow through our frame vents keeps hot air moving up and out while keeping your eyes from watering and lenses from fogging.

Silicone Lined Strap

No slipping here. Our Everyday goggles feature a silicone-lined strap, allowing them to stay on your head or your helmet.

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