Lens & Frame Technology

Over two decades of first chairs, crisp corduroy, and last calls with friends have inspired our most technologically advanced goggle program ever. We believe in rider-inspired design and develop our products with a world-class team of athletes because proper functionality is the backbone of our snow program.


Engineered for Maximum

Contrast, Clarity, and Comfort.

By blocking distracting light and enhancing specific colors, we can specifically tune each lens for a unique light condition that will make it easier for you to see obstacles, ice patches, low spots, and any other changes in the terrain around you.
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Tuned Lens Technology

Technology Explained

Light Spectrum Manipulation


Lens Technology

Our Performance Lenses are the product of twenty years of research and development. These premium mold-injected lenses ensure distortion-free optical clarity and increased impact resistance. With the addition of Tuned Lens Technology and performance coatings we’ve created a lens that is engineered to maximize contrast, comfort, and clarity on any mountain under all conditions. (Kleveland II, Roteck, EG2-T, EG2-T Small).

Lens Technology

Tuned Lens Technology

Electric has always leaned into developing technology that will enhance your visual experience. Our Tuned Lens program was developed to ensure maximum contrast, comfort, and clarity. These lenses are tuned for a diverse range of environmental conditions.  

Mold-Injected Technology

Our premium mold-injected lens technology uses the highest quality techniques and materials available to ensure distortion-free optical clarity and increased impact resistance.

Dual Lens Technology

All Electric lenses come with a climate-controlled, sealed space and thermal barrier between the inner and outer lens. This technology helps prevent fogging in all conditions.

Performance Lens Technology

Electric Goggle lenses are incredibly scratch-resistant and utilize additional specialized hydro and oleophobic coatings to ensure your lens is scratch, moisture, and smudge-free to enhance and protect your vision under diverse environmental conditions. 

Anti-Reflective Technology

This innovation mutes light that bounces off the internal surface of the goggle frame to minimize the amount of reflective glare on bright days. 

Super Anti-Fog Technology

A super-enhanced coating on top of our standard hydrophobic anti-fog treatment that absorbs moisture before it can distort your vision.

Electric Snow

Frame Technology

Electric frames are built using proprietary techniques and the best materials available. Two decades of research and development ensure a product that is purpose-built to perform.