Rider Inspired Design

We built this program with the dedication and enthusiasm of some of the top snow athletes on the planet. Our goggles are developed around a philosophy of rider-inspired design with an emphasis on functionality. This is the team that we trust to design and test our line every year.

Marcus Kleveland

Dombås, Norway

Torgeir Bergrem

Harstad Municipality, Norway

Sam Taxwood

Salt Lake City, Utah

Jill Perkins

Salt Lake City, Utah

Arthur Longo

La Tronche, Norway

Pat Moore

Waterville, New Hampshire

Stefi Luxton

Auckland, New Zealand

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Magnetic Lens
Kleveland II with Bonus Lens
Kleveland II with Bonus Lens
Stealth Black Neuron / Onyx
Tuned Lens Technology
Arthur Longo wearing his signature Roteck snow goggle
Arthur Longo Collab / Atomic Ice